Crossfit fabriken

Collaborating with Crossfit Fabriken is one of the most exciting things since my very start. Besides working out in this amazing place I get to help with pictures of the athletes and all competitions. The feeling of catching the action, their outstanding performance and "freezing" it in time is beyond what words can explain. 

Northern Spirit

A fun collaboration and a new experience taking pictures for Northern Spirit. It gives the opportunity to create something fun but also something bold that stands out.

Brave Fitness Malmö

Helping Brave Fitness Malmö with pictures that illustrate their work was a lot of fun. Brave fitness passion takes you where you never thought you would ever get. Find your bravery!

Lesworking Sweden

Becoming Lesworking Sweden's official photographer is an honor. There's so much more great moments to photograph and it is a privilege to meet so many professional women who work for Lesbian Networking.



HIIT Basecamp Malmö is a place that offers a fun atmosphere and a very unique concept. It's like nothing you have seen before. You are embraced at your level, get coached and motivated by proffessionals. You simply get SHIIT done here. For more info click on the image.



Photographing the Swedish National Championships in Surfski and South Skåne Ocean race was extraordinary. One of a kind experience and not the last.


Albin Annellsson is a personal trainer and certified masseur at Crossfit Fabriken. Helping him with pictures that show his versatility in his training was a lot of fun. He combines martial arts, barbell movements, running and mobility. If you need help with your training e-mail or press the press the picture above to get to his instagram

Casual programming

Casual programming provides a variety of work outs for both intermediate and advanced athletes and not only that. I strongly recommend taking a look at their programming and why not even join their online competition.