sprints through the mist

Who said sunny weather is the only time to photograph ? I really don't like being limited to take images outdoors because of the cold, or different season. I have a studio lamp that can easily be used outdoors so naturally I still search for good images outdoors and try to find something different to add. If you have an athlete who doesn't mind the cold, someone with the right mindset this is possible and can be a lot of fun. Like in this case with Jonas from Crossfit Fabriken Lomma.

I did not require him to jump into the water but he thought it would be fun. And it was even for me. I think we had 14 degrees celsius on land and maybe 10-12 on water. I have been wanting to photograph him for a while and finally I could book him for a short session. Luckily he agreed to do this outdoors and was really such a good sport. He brought such a good energy.

It reminded med when I was training with dragon boat paddling where the weather was never an issue. I pretty much want to apply the same thing in my photography. The weather should not be an issue. It can be, to a certain extent of course, be used to ones advantage. Just a little bit of imagination and you can get something cool.