Over more than 15 000 pictures later

I can say that I'm still liking this journey I have chosen to jump on. The journey of being a photographer or am I an artist?

Some call my photography art. What I sure know is that I am always creating something. Either it's in front of a computer, my smartphone or in my mind. As soon as I finish with one idea of a composition a new one comes up. It never stops.

Sometimes the ideas have a lot momentum and I can feel how I'm not up to speed with their unfolding. That happens when I'm impatient. Sometimes I need to wait and be still to feel inspiration and sometimes it's like the images are thrown at me and I have to do something about them. They need to get out of head and that's when a very satisfying process starts. It's like a 3D-image where I change the atmosphere, background, weather, light, and put the perfect model. The perfect athlete. Some compositions take time and some can be done faster thansk ot its momentum and my ability to have patience.

I absolutely love it. The process of cerating something new. A new image. A new composition. Cheers for 15 000 images more! and thank you to all who want to be part of them. So much fun!